Tuesday, September 14, 2010

PerVerse: Open Mike on October 15/ Featured Poets: Gene Hosey and Cliff Lynn

PerVerse: Where Art Gets Twisted

Poetry reading with several features and open mike. 
Sponsored by Poetry in Baltimore and hosted by Julie Fisher.  Featured Poets: Gene Hosey and Cliff Lynn  Gene Hosey's poetry has been seen world-wide, through his own efforts at printing up performance copies of works and getting them into the saddle bags of willing mules who are traveling anywhere.  Having not concentrated on the grind of seeking publication, he has been lucky enough to be seen occasionally by publishers who invite him to make books, none of which are available currently.  Hosey has performed with fellow artists in theater, music, filmmaking, recording, television and radio, to name a few, in locations you are all familiar with, geographically speaking.  

Cliff Lynn is an award-winning poet and orioles fan.  He hasn't won any awards for the latter.  A retired navy man, he has read poetry in Vegas, California, Texas, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, Northern Virginia and Maryland, and gets kicked out of Denny's a lot....with multi-media poet Rocky Jones, he co-hosts two monthly reading series in Annapolis, and with R.J. Ridgely, one series in Westminster. cliff was the inspiration for the barbara decesare instant classic 3-act mini-play "cliff gets kicked out of denny's a lot".  his favorite poets include richard brautigan, gene hosey and julie "fisher king" fisher.

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