Monday, September 13, 2010

Intro to Digital Photography

Bought a new camera but can't figure out how to use it? Or maybe you know how to use it, but you'd like some tips on getting stronger images. Or maybe you are still working with film and want to take the leap into digital.

Introduction to Digital Photography will be offered at Hamilton Gallery on Saturday, September 25 and October 2. On October 16, the class will meet at Loch Raven Reservoir. (there will be no class on October 9).

Photographer and long-time Hamilton Gallery member Ron Cohn will be teaching this class, which will run from 9AM-11:45AM. The first hour will consist of lecture and the rest of the time will be devoted to individual consultation with students. Cost for the class is $25.

Course Outline   
Operation of a film camera  
Operation of a digital camera  
What is a histogram?  
Basic digital camera controls  
Photo format and compression  
Preventing unintended blur  
Photo editing - what can be done  (this class does NOT cover how to edit photos)

Ron Cohn has been taking photographs for nearly 40 years. He switched to digital over six years ago and never looked back. He has owned and used four digital cameras; his current camera is a Nikon D300. Ron has sold scores of photos in various venues since joining the Hamilton Gallery over four years ago. Ron is a people-friendly, retired electrical engineer who taught and wrote about technical subjects throughout his career.

If you have questions about the course or would like to register, call Ron at 410-377-7054 or e-mail Ron at:

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