Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Road Mural

There will be a painting of the first horizontal mural on the intersection of Hamilton and Harford Road on June 5th. Hamilton Lauraville Main Streets (Regina Lansinger) will be closing a section of Harford Road to host their annual soap box derby. A crew of artists and older youth is being gathered to help paint. It should be a fun and crazy experience with some media coverage. There are two murals:
  • Mural #1 (Sunflower with compass in center) will take place on Sunday, June 5th during the Indie 900' Downhill Derby. This will be painted in the intersection of Hamilton Avenue & Harford Road. More details will be available once the paint. The plan is to start at 7:00am and be finished by 12:00 (11 would be better). The paint must dry for four hours. The street will re-open around 3:00-3:30.
  • Mural #2 (Market fruits & veggies) will take place on Sunday, June 26th during the Lauraville Business Association's Block Party. This will be painted inside the crosswalk from Safeway's entrance across Harford Road to Montebello Terrace. Same instructions as above.

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