Friday, January 28, 2011

Patric Pepper & Mary Ann Larkin feature @ PerVerse

February 18 PerVerse
Where The Arts Get Twisted
Patric Peper and Mary Ann Larkin Feature
Poetry reading with features and open mic.
8:00 pm
Hamilton Art Gallery

Patric Pepper was born, and lives, in Washington D.C. His poems have
appeared in various magazines and anthologies, including Confrontation,
The Distillery, Medicinal Purposes Literary Review and The Comstock
Review. His chapbook, Zoned Industrial, was published by Poet to Poet,
Richmond Hill, New York, in 2000 as the first annual Medicinal Purposes
Chapbook Contest winner. His Poem “Judas Tree” won the 1998 Muriel Craft
Bailey Award from The Comstock Review. Since 1982 he has been a member of
the Capitol Hill Poetry Group, which published a twentieth anniversary
anthology, The Other Side of the Hill, 1975-1995, Forest Woods Media
Productions Inc., 1996.

Mary Ann Larkin is a poet, writer, teacher and former fund-raising and
publications consultant to nonprofit organizations. The Coil of the Skin,
a book of poems, was published by Washington Writers Publishing House in
1982. She is the author of four chapbooks: White Clapboard, by Carol
Allen of Philadelphia; The DNA of the Heart with Patric Pepper, published
by Pond Road Press; A Shimmering That Goes With Us by Finishing Line
Press in 2005; and gods & flesh by Plan B Press in early 2007. Her poems
have appeared in Poetry Ireland Review, New Letters, Poetry Greece and
numerous other magazines, as well as in more than twenty local and
national anthologies, including America In Poetry and Loving, a poetry
and art series published by Harry N. Abrams Inc. of New York.

Sponsored by Poetry in Baltimore and hosted by Julie Fisher.
Julie Fisher 443-418-4762

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