Sunday, July 31, 2011

Artist of the Month (August) - Ralph Slesinski

Ralph Slesinski
1950 -
I have worked in oils, colored pencil, watercolor and prints of various sorts since childhood.
My main focus has been on landscape, mainly local subjects, but also taken from images captured
during travel and from the media. My idol is Matisse, who, in his later years, gave us images that were semi-abstract,
yet endearing to the eye for their naturalness and clarity of form. Like him, I hope to express and inspire with a stroke, a line, a color never seen before, rooted in the natural world.

Hamilton Gallery Guest Artist Series

Luis Alberto Rodriguez Colome

Opening Reception August 5th | 5:00 - 9:00PM

Color Light Theory will be playing at 7PM

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First Saturday Drum Circle

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Sewfabulousss Sewing School Resumes August 16th

For those who are interested please contact:

Margaret Garland:

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Gimme Shelter Productions - August 20th

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Every Wednesday - Quilters

Computer Classes Every Thursday

Every thursday will be a continuous computer class those interested contact Cara Sue:

August 19th Perverse - Where the Words Get Twisted

For those interested please contact Julie Fisher:

Saturday, July 9, 2011

July 30th - Classic Car Show

Annual Classic Car Craft Show and Festival

Gallery Events

11am Face Painting

1pm-3pm Gimme Shelter Poetry Productions
"Family Friendly Poetry"

3pm-5pm Sewfabuluousss Sewing School showing off their creations Fashion Show

7pm-9pm Color Light Theory Band and Potluck -bring a nosh ( featuring Juliet's food business -Real Grub catering) -Come try one of her yummy dishes.....

Drum Circle